How We’re Different

Why Choose Harpeth Marketing?

Does the world really need another marketing firm? If you Google “outsourced marketing” or “marketing consultant,” you’ll be rewarded with a list of tens of thousands of firms. So, what makes Harpeth Marketing unique? Several things…

  • #1… We specialize in Market Research. Harpeth Marketing is one of only a handful of marketing and sales support firms in the world with a background in Market Research and a 100% focus on the industry.
  • We focus on execution. No theories or abstract ideas here. Whether you work with Steve during a Coaching & Consulting Engagement, utilize our Outsourced Marketing Services or participate in a training workshop, we are driven by the idea that focused activity = measurable results.
  • We believe in “process.” We’ve even developed a proprietary process to help those in the MR industry better understand the marketing and sales process; it’s called the Marketing and Sales Pyramid™.
  • We’re all about accountability. All Outsourced Marketing Services clients receive weekly email updates and a monthly report detailing all of the activities completed and resulting metrics. We then follow that up with a monthly call to review, discuss and answer any questions.

To learn more about how we’re different and how we can help you, email us at, call us (615) 721-5330 or visit the Contact Us page.



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