What We Do

5, 50 or 500… no matter the number of employees at your firm, we have the marketing and sales solutions that can help.

Harpeth Marketing’s clients engage us to help them:

  • Build brand awareness across their target markets
  • Generate and nurture qualified sales leads
  • Position their firms as experts and thought leaders in the marketplace
  • Differentiate themselves from their competitors
  • Ensure a frequent and consistent level of marketing outreach

And, ultimately, to support revenue growth.

And whether you require help getting things done or expert guidance so you can do a better job yourself, Harpeth Marketing has the solution to fit your needs…

  • Outsourced Marketing Services: These services include the planning and hands-on execution of a wide range of marketing tactics, including content development, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, digital advertising  and more. In essence, we serve as your marketing department.
  • Coaching & Consulting Engagements: When outside expertise and perspective in the areas of strategy, planning and process are needed, we provide a variety of engagements, all delivered by our Founder, Steve Henke.
  • Training Workshops: If marketing & sales are not your strong suits, our workshops provide a hands-on education, as well as the tools and templates to quickly and effectively enhance your skills in that area.

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