Consulting & Coaching

When the marketing & sales experience and expertise you need doesn’t exist in-house.

For the leaders of Market Research firms that need to tap into outside perspective and expertise related to marketing and sales, Steve Henke, our Founder and President, can serve as a valuable and experienced resource.

Steve draws on a 30-year career in marketing, sales and corporate management, including 6 years as President of 20|20 Research, during which time he led efforts that tripled annual revenues. Since founding Harpeth Marketing in 2012, Steve has worked with scores of firms in the Market Research industry and brings to bear that experience in today’s ever-changing and ultra-competitive environment.

Firms in our industry without experienced marketing or sales leadership can benefit from Steve’s help in several ways:

  • Sales Coaching & Consulting
  • Marketing Coaching & Consulting
  • Fractional Leadership

Sales Coaching & Consulting

As a consultant, Steve works with firms bringing sales in-house for the first time or those looking to upgrade their current sales program. He helps his clients with mission-critical tasks like creating a departmental sales structure, hiring best practices, creating effective compensation plans and installing sales systems and processes to ensure in-going success.

When coaching, Steve mentors MR professionals taking on a sales management/leadership role for the first time. Here, his focus is on helping his clients learn the intricacies of managing a sales team, coaching individual seller-doers and putting in place development programs for his or her team so they continually improve their selling results.

Marketing Coaching & Consulting

Steve’s marketing consulting work generally focuses on those things that provide a framework for long-term success… finding and establishing a point-of-differentiation, working to determine go-to-market strategies or crafting a comprehensive marketing plan. This work can also include special projects like secret shopping or performing a marketing audit. In addition, Steve leads workshops to help business leaders think through marketing and sales initiatives for their firm.

As a coach, Steve mentors those who are new to a marketing role, accelerating their learning in the areas of planning, execution, measurement and reporting.

Fractional Leadership

As firms look to scale up, they often don’t have sales or marketing leadership in place… roles that are difficult to find and recruit, particularly those with MR industry experience. In that circumstance, bringing on a fractional sales or marketing leader – to jump start your growth efforts and to help you find a more permanent solution – could be your best option. With his sales, marketing & executive leadership experience in the MR industry, as well as a perspective forged by a varied and diverse background, clients engage Steve on a 6- or 12-month basis to serve as a fractional leader and help lay the foundation for strong growth moving forward.

To learn more about how Harpeth Marketing’s Consulting & Coaching Engagements and our Special Projects can benefit your firm, email us at, call us (615) 721-5330 or go to our Contact Us page.


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