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Harpeth Marketing Launches Online Marketing & Sales Workshop for MR Firms

September 23, 2013, Franklin, TN – Harpeth Marketing announced today the launch of the M|R Marketing Workshop™, an educational program developed for independent research consultants and the owners and senior executives of market research firms.   This online program teaches participants the process of marketing & sales and walks them through the creation of their own customized business development plan.

According to Harpeth Marketing founder, Steve Henke, “We developed this workshop in direct response to what research firm executives across the country have been telling us since we opened our doors… that they often have no plans or processes in place for revenue growth, that they’re not sure how to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and that they rely too much on others – referrals and one or two large clients – to be successful.  Participation in this workshop teaches researchers how to take control of their revenue growth and deal with those kinds of issues.”

The M|R Marketing Workshop™ is delivered online over a 6-week period.  Participants log in every two weeks for a 2-hour session.  Between sessions, each participant works on the development of their own plan.  During this time, Harpeth Marketing provides 1-on-1 telephone coaching to help with plan development and serve as a personal marketing & sales resource.  As part of the coaching, Harpeth Marketing also reviews each participant’s final marketing & sales plan and then provides quarterly, 1-on-1 telephone coaching over the following year.

Henke also said, “We built this program from the ground up to be different than most.  For one, we teach participants the step-by-step process of marketing & sales – a process they can use for years to come.  In addition, the big takeaway for each participant is a comprehensive marketing & sales plan customized to their skills, experience, bandwidth and budget… and because it’s built for them, they’ll actually use it.  Maybe most importantly, the hours of 1-on-1 consulting we provide throughout the entire process ensures that they’ll be successful.”

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ABOUT HARPETH MARKETING – Harpeth Marketing works exclusively with firms in the market research industry to put in place marketing & sales programs and systems that improve outcomes and increase revenues. They do that through a variety of outsourced marketing services and consulting engagements.  To learn more, visit (website), (blog) or contact Steve Henke, President at (615) 415-3980 or


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