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Selling for the Part-Time Salesperson – A New eBook from Harpeth Marketing

FRANKLIN, TN, June 29, 2016 – Harpeth Marketing announced today the release of their 9th eBook, “I Hate Selling!” – A Guidebook for Small Business Owners, Independent Consultants, and Other Part-time Sales Reps, that can be downloaded for free from the firm’s website.

According to Steve Henke, Founder & President of Harpeth Marketing, “I hate selling!” is one of those phrases often heard across our industry from independent consultants, small business owners, seller-doers, senior executives at larger firms and lots of others who have “sales” as a part of their job description. While they understand the role of sales in an organization and its importance to their firm, the reason so many “hate sales” is that they have no real idea how to be good at it… don’t understand the buying-selling process… or how to talk with sales prospects in a way that really connects with them.”

“It’s for those reasons that I decided to write this eBook series. In this eBook (Part 1), we explore proven methods for developing new clients… for getting companies to do business with your firm for the very first time. But a successful business can’t be built on one-time clients, so in Part 2 of the series (coming in late summer 2016), we’ll review ways to keep existing clients coming back again and again.”

“I Hate Selling!” – Part 1 will help readers to understand that effective, professional selling follows a proven process, the end result of which is helping your clients to make smart buying decisions. The chapters in this eBook include:

  • Why We Hate Sales
  • Guidelines for Successful Selling
  • Stop the Cold Calling
  • The Buying-Selling Process
  • 15 Tricks, Tips, and Techniques for Selling Success
  • 6 Guidelines for Selling with Email
  • Don’t Make These Mistakes on LinkedIn

“I Hate Selling!” – Part 1 can be downloaded for free when you CLICK HERE.

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