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Harpeth Marketing Announces Dates for 2nd Annual Think. Plan. Do. Workshop™

September 10, 2019 – FRANKLIN, TN: Harpeth Marketing announced today the dates for the 2nd Annual Think. Plan. Do. Workshop™, an online marketing training program for those in the MR industry with marketing responsibility, but without the knowledge, experience or training to be truly successful. This could include business owners, independent consultants, marketing managers or marketing associates.

According to Steve Henke, Founder and President of Harpeth Marketing, “It’s interesting. For an industry that’s deeply involved in ‘marketing’ research, most firms – and most firm owners – don’t really embrace marketing for their own firms. While they understand its value and importance, the application of marketing is not in their wheelhouse. So, if marketing is being done at their firm, it’s often being delegated to someone who, like the owner, doesn’t have a lot of background or experience in marketing. It’s for those firms that we developed the Think. Plan. Do. Workshop™.”

Delivered online over three weeks, the Think. Plan. Do. Workshop™ will take participants through the three key phases of successful marketing:

  • Think – how to be strategic with their marketing & sales efforts
  • Plan – how to create a complete, functional and easy-to-follow marketing plan
  • Do – how to effectively execute and measure critical marketing tactics like content marketing, email, social media, selling and more.

Registration is open now, but the Early Bird Discount ends October 6th.

For more information, go to: or call 615.721.5330.

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