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The Cup of Coffee Tip Sheets™ are a series of brief documents, each covering a specific Marketing or Sales topic. Like the Cup of Coffee Webinars™ program, in the time it takes you to enjoy your morning coffee… you’ll explore an important topic that can help you to more effectively grow revenue at your firm. Each Tip Sheet is jammed-packed with useful and actionable information… there’s no fluff!

Our inventory of topics is shown below. To download any – or ALL – of our Tip Sheets, just complete and submit the attached form.

Revenue Trends Sheet (an Excel Template)

Often, we only look at the top line of our Revenue… and if the number looks good, we don’t dig any further. But what if HOW your revenue is coming to you is changing? Better to find out early than to be surprised when it’s too late. This Revenue Trends Sheet is an easy way to keep an eye on your revenue for the current year vs. the previous year, across three key categories.

12 Tips for Publishing Your First eBook

eBooks have been a staple of content marketing for some time. They build awareness for your firm (when you’re promoting them in the marketplace), can help establish (and solidify) your subject matter expertise and are a proven lead generation tool. If you’ve been thinking about publishing one – but haven’t pulled the trigger yet – here are 12 tips to help you take the leap.

A Checklist For Hiring Your First Sales Rep: 11 Questions You Must Answer First

From how to handle commission structure to who you should hire and how you should support them, there’s a lot to think about before you hire your first sales rep. Before you make that commitment, download our newest Tip Sheet for a checklist of 11 questions you must answer first to help ensure the smooth and successful hiring and onboarding of your first salesperson.

13 Tips for Becoming a Networking Rockstar

Networking can significantly help to grow your business… if you do it right. Don’t let nerves and being unprepared get the best of you at your next networking event. Set yourself up for success before, during and after the event. This Tip Sheet includes 13 valuable tips on how you can practice, prepare and perfect your networking skills.

12 Real-World Ways to Differentiate Your Firm

Take a look at a few of your competitors’ websites. Now take a look at your website. There’s a good chance it delivers a very similar (if not exactly the same) message. So, if everyone is saying the same thing, how can you stand out from the crowd, and in doing so, help research buyers to choose your firm? This Tip Sheet can help.

Exhibitor Checklist: 20+ Ways to Ensure Success at your Next Event

Exhibiting can be an outstanding marketing vehicle and help you to generate sales leads, launch a new product or service and enhance market awareness. But it could also be the single largest marketing expense you have all year. Exhibiting is one of those things you must do really well to see a return on your investment, which is exactly why we created this Tip Sheet.

Successful Selling in the MR Industry: 10 Tips & Tricks to Help You Achieve Your Sales Goals

Selling is hard work! Especially in our industry. It requires research knowledge, industry know-how, persistence and an attention to detail that non-sales people don’t understand. And you get told ‘no’ a lot more often than ‘yes.’ To help those who sell in this space, we created this “cheat sheet” of 10 proven sales tips and tricks.

Email Metrics Tracking Sheet: Track your results and get better over time

To help you monitor your email marketing results – and improve by learning – we have created the Email Marketing Tracking Sheet, a functioning Excel file for charting and graphing the results of your email campaigns. Just plug in the key data points, watch it over time and you’ll see where you have opportunities for improving the process.

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