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Harpeth Marketing Launches 6th eBook on Marketing & Sales for the MR Industry

FRANKLIN, TN, May 20, 2014 – Harpeth Marketing announced today the release of Marketing & Sales for the Market Research Firm: The Exhibitor’s Workbook, a 12-page eBook that can be downloaded for free from the company’s website.

This eBook, written for firms in the market research industry, focuses on helping readers to understand the process of exhibiting at conferences and then how to implement that process to help make it a successful event.

According to Steve Henke, President of Harpeth Marketing, “With the cost of exhibit space, travel, lodging & meals, the booth, shipping, event marketing, etc., exhibiting at just one conference could easily be a firm’s single largest marketing expense all year.  It really needs to be done right to see a see a maximum return on investment.  But since it’s not something most firms do very often, they’re generally not very good at it… which is why we wrote this eBook.  The Exhibitor’s Workbook delves into effectively preparing for an event, pre-show promotions, guidelines for “working the booth,” the best way to capture sales lead information and how to follow-up on those leads.”

Marketing & Sales for the Market Research Firm: The Exhibitor’s Workbook can be downloaded by clicking here:


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