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Harpeth Marketing Launches Two New Marketing Services for Market Research Firms

March 26, 2013, FRANKLIN, TN – Harpeth Marketing announced today the launch of two new services created exclusively to help Market Research firms enhance their marketing & sales efforts.  The Lead Builder Program is an outsourced marketing service built around Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing activities that connect with prospective clients and build relationships as a means of generating revenue.  The Seller’s Reality™ helps market research firms stay on top of what’s going on outside the walls of their offices by gathering insights from current clients, past clients and competitors.

According to Steve Henke, President of Harpeth Marketing and former President of 20|20 Research, “The Lead Builder Program™ provides Market Research firms with the opportunity to outsource much of their marketing & sales efforts for less than the cost of a full-time employee.  Our goal with this program is to deliver to our clients a steady stream of “project ready” sales leads.  The Sellers Reality™ helps our clients to make sure they’re not looking through “rose colored glasses” when making decisions about their firms and the environments in which they compete.  We help them understand why their current clients buy from them, why lapsed clients stopped buying and what their competitors are up to.”

“Neither of these services existed when we started the firm, but both have been created as a result of working with and listening to our clients (and prospective clients) since we opened our doors.  We tell our clients every day to listen to the marketplace and respond… and that’s exactly what we did.”

To learn more about the Lead Builder Program™, go to  For details on The Seller’s Reality™, go to, or call (615) 415-3980.


ABOUT HARPETH MARKETING – Harpeth Marketing works with firms in the market research industry to put in place marketing and sales programs and systems that improve outcomes and increase revenues.  To learn more about their consulting and outsourced marketing services, visit or contact Steve Henke, President at (615) 415-3980 or


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