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Our 10th eBook: Selling for the Part-Time Salesperson, Part 2

FRANKLIN, TN, December 12, 2016 – Harpeth Marketing announced today the release of their 10th eBook, “I Hate Selling!” – Part 2: Ensuring Repeat Clients, a guidebook for small business owners, independent consultants and other part-time sales reps. “I Hate Selling!” can be downloaded for free from the firm’s website.

According to Steve Henke, Founder & President of Harpeth Marketing, “In Part 1 of this series, we helped part-time sales reps understand the sales process and how to find new clients. But, the fact is, you can’t build a successful business on first-time clients. You need to create and maintain a stable of repeat clients. It starts by doing good work, but it’s more than that. Your clients come back to you – and refer you to other potential clients, serve as references, etc. – because they develop a deep and trusting relationship with you. And that’s the purpose of this eBook – to help part-time sales reps focus on the kinds of things they can do to ensure their clients keep coming back again and again.”

Some of the key topics in “I Hate Selling!” – Part 2 are:

  • Extending your reach within your clients
  • Effective use of the telephone
  • Cross-selling and Up-Selling
  • Your LinkedIn presence
  • Saying “thank you”
  • What to do about ex-clients
  • Managing Key Accounts

“I Hate Selling!” – Part 2 can be downloaded for free when you CLICK HERE.

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