Think. Plan. Do. Workshop

Are you purposeful and proactive when taking action to grow revenue?

Or – like most firms – do you just ‘wing it’… and hope everything will turn out ok?

It’s interesting. For an industry that’s deeply involved in marketing research, most firms – and most firm owners – don’t really embrace marketing for their own firms. While they understand its value and importance, the application of marketing is not in their wheelhouse. So, if marketing is being done at their firm, it’s often being delegated to someone who, like the owner, doesn’t have a lot of background or experience in marketing. Revenue growth is almost an accident.

If that describes you or your firm, then the ThinkPlanDoWorkshop™ was developed for you. The Think. Plan. Do. Workshop™ is an online event designed to teach participants a step-by-step system for creating a complete, functional and easy-to-implement marketing program.

8 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss this Event

Take a look at all the ways you benefit by participating in our Think. Plan. Do. Workshop™:

  1. Whether your goal is to enhance your firm’s reputation, build awareness in the markets you serve, generate sales leads – or all three – you’ll graduate from this Workshop knowing the process for how to make it happen.
  2. You’ll walk away from the workshop with a toolbox full of tips, tricks & techniques to set your firm up for revenue growth in 2023 (and beyond).
  3. Because it’s online, there’s no time or money spent traveling to a hotel or conference venue; you can participate from home, your office, or a coffee shop.
  4. If you miss one of the online sessions or just want go back over a particular topic, no worries… you can simply watch the recordings we send out.
  5. The Workbook we provide is a complete resource… not only does it give you a place to take notes during the online sessions, but the ‘homework’ pages in it will bring the sessions to life and help you to customize them to your individual situation.
  6. This program is purpose-built for the Market Research industry. Steve Henke, our presenter, is a leading expert in marketing for firms in the MR industry and brings his years of experience to bear with this program.
  7. This process you’ll learn is repeatable, making sure you’ll be successful year-after-year.
  8. And starting this summer, we’re moving from a webinar platform to Zoom (with full video & audio) to ensure an interactive and engaging learning experience.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Businesses don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” That ends here… with the ThinkPlanDoWorkshop™.

Check back soon for dates and registration details for the next Think. Plan. Do. Workshop™.

Who Should Attend?

  • Small business owners
  • Independent consultants
  • Marketing managers with limited experience
  • Full-time researchers, project managers and admin staff who also serve as part-time marketers

Anyone with “marketing” responsibility, but without the knowledge, experience or training to be truly successful.

The Workshop Agenda

An Introduction

  • The 13 Guiding Principles of Marketing
  • The Process of Marketing & Sales


  • Why we don’t take the time to think
  • Strategies vs. Tactics
  • Core strategies
  • Go-To-Market strategies
  • 4 ways to think strategically
  • Strategy in action: real-world examples
  • The foundation of strategy: research
    • Company research
    • Client research
    • Competition research


  • Setting revenue and other goals
  • Aligning tactics with your strategies (the “matrix”)
  • The devil is in the details
  • Simple tools for managing the marketing process
  • Plan equilibrium
  • Is an ‘annual’ plan best for you?
  • Measuring your efforts
    • Website analytics
    • Content marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Social media
    • Advertising reports
    • Lead gen data


  • Get the most out of these must-use tactics:
    • Your website
    • Email marketing
    • Content marketing
    • Social media
    • SEO and Google Ads
    • LinkedIn Advertising
    • Exhibiting
    • Sales support materials
    • And more…

Wrapping Up

  • “How much do I really need to do?”
  • Start slowly
  • Accountability
  • Next steps

How it Works…

Step 1: The ThinkPlanDoWorkshop™ takes place online, once a week over 3 consecutive weeks, each time for about a 2-hour session.

Step 2: After each session, you’ll have a week to complete your “homework” (estimate 3-4 hours each week), where you’ll apply what you learned online to your unique situation. And yes, we provide the workbook.

Step 3: After three sessions and three rounds of homework, you’ll ‘graduate’ with new skills, new techniques and a complete marketing program to help you get ready for 2023. And to ensure your success, you’ll have your completed workbook, the session recordings and membership in an invitation-only LinkedIn group as on-going resources.


Speaker bio…

Steve Henke is President and Founder of Harpeth Marketing, providers of marketing & sales solutions exclusively for the Market Research Industry. Before starting Harpeth Marketing in 2012, Steve was President of 20|20 Research for six years, tripling revenue during his time there. His background includes marketing & sales staff and management positions in several industries. Steve is also a highly-regarded presenter in our industry, having spoken at numerous events hosted by the Insights Association (and CASRO & MRA before that), Quirk’s, QRCA, ESOMAR and Greenbook. He is also the most prolific writer about marketing & sales in our industry, having authored over 500 articles and a dozen eBooks.

Check back soon for dates and registration details for the next Think. Plan. Do. Workshop™.

What some past participants are saying…

“Normally, I’m pretty scattered when it comes to my marketing efforts. Knocking out a blog post from time to time and periodically checking out LinkedIn. I suspect that I’m not alone in this approach. But I recently participated in the Think. Plan. Do. Workshop. I walked away with the tools to take a far more disciplined approach. It’s the complete package… from strategy to implementation. I now have the knowledge and the confidence to develop and execute a marketing plan that will work for me.”

Gerald Bramm, Bramm Research

“The workshop presented valuable ideas and that ever-important kick in the butt. I definitely feel there was great value for the $.”

Karen Stephens, Baccus Research Group

“The workshop was very useful in helping our firm think through the variety of tools and tactics we should consider in our marketing plan. We also really appreciated Steve’s very pleasant, approachable presentation style. I’d definitely recommend the course to fellow small research firms!”

Amanda Durkee, Cognito

“The Think. Plan. Do. Workshop was exactly what we needed to kick-start our marketing initiatives. Steve tells you exactly what to do in a format that is easy to follow. Great material!”

Robin Marx, Virtually Managed

Check back soon for dates and registration details for the next Think. Plan. Do. Workshop™.


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