Awareness Builder Program™️

A business fact: Companies can’t do business with you if they don’t know you exist! Building and (as importantly) maintaining a level of awareness in the mind of your target market is critical to your success.

Building awareness:

  • Helps you to reach out to people you don’t know – and who don’t know you.
  • Is proactive. It doesn’t rely on prospective clients to do anything other than simply see your message.
  • Is the first step to lead-generation, the true start of the buying & selling process.

In addition, building awareness is not just about becoming known in the markets you serve, but also about being known for something. Done right, building awareness helps you to establish a reputation.

For this challenge, we developed the Awareness Builder Program™, with three variations:

  • Awareness Builder Program™ CORE
  • Awareness Builder Program™ PLUS
  • Awareness Builder Program™ EXPERT
See Comparison Chart

The Awareness Builder Program™ is built around the bundling of a number of services, including blogging, social media, email marketing, SEO and ongoing program management.

All Awareness Builder Program™ clients benefit from open communication and complete transparency:

  • An email update on program status and activities, delivered every Friday afternoon.
  • An online dashboard tracking the metrics from all marketing and promotional efforts, updated every month.

To learn more about how the Awareness Builder Program™ can benefit your firm, email us at, call us (615) 721-5330 or…

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