The Lead Builder Program™️

Not every sales lead becomes a client… but every client did start out as a sales lead. There’s just no way around it! A constant supply of sales leads is critical to your revenue growth.

That’s why we developed the three variations of the Lead Builder Program™ –

  • Lead Builder Program™ CORE
  • Lead Builder Program™ PLUS
  • Lead Builder Program™ EXPERT
See Comparison Chart

All three programs are built around different bundling options of several marketing components: high-value “gated” content, an aggressive promotional effort to maximize downloads, blogging to maintain awareness and reinforce your position, drip marketing for follow-up and ongoing management, monitoring and reporting.

Not only do these three bundles consistently generate sales leads, they also build awareness in the markets you serve and help to establish a competitive position for your firm.

Most importantly, Harpeth Marketing does all of the work for you – writing and designing the content, then promoting that content and managing all related activities.

All Lead Builder Program™ clients benefit from open communication and complete transparency:

  • Real-time notification of newly-generated sales leads.
  • An email update on program status and activities, delivered every Friday afternoon.
  • An online dashboard tracking the metrics from all marketing and promotional efforts, updated every month.

To learn more about how the Lead Builder Program™ can benefit your firm, email us at, call us (615) 721-5330 or…

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