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October 29, 2013

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Video Marketing

Video, as a marketing tool, has largely gone unused in our industry… and I’m not sure why.

We are very much a TV/video society… it only make sense to communicate in a style that people are used to and that works for them.

The video above is from What They Think Research in Nashville, TN.  It’s a really good example of how video can be used to not only sell, but also to explain.  And because of its unique style – presented on a whiteboard – it’s also a very visually compelling message… it’s hard not to watch it.

Video has a number of benefits as a marketing methodology…

  1. Video is easily searchable and helps with SEO.  In fact, you can set-up your own “video channel” on YouTube, the 2nd most popular search engine, after Google.
  2. Video is easily shareable.  In fact, there’s a little ‘share this’ icon in the upper right corner of the video above.
  3. Video ‘engages’ prospective clients with your message and keeps them on your website longer.
  4. Video is easily measurable… you can just go to YouTube and look at the number of ‘views.’
  5. Video is mobile and easily viewed on a mobile device.
  6. Most importantly, with video you engage both the visual and auditory senses, making your message more powerful and more memorable.

And here’s the thing… because so few are using it, done right, video marketing can give you a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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