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November 26, 2019

9 Things I’m Thankful for at Work 

It’s almost Thanksgiving… and a tradition around many dining room tables, before anyone digs into their turkey and dressing, is to go around the table and have everyone their say out loud what they’re thankful for. It’s a nice way to share something personal and to remind us all how fortunate we are for the things in our life.

So, with that as the backdrop, I’d like to take a minute to share what I’m thankful for regarding my business…

#1. I’m thankful for my team. While I may be the ‘face’ of the company (a scary thought, I know!), it’s my team that does all of the hard work – executing on all that we do and taking care of our clients – that makes us look so good. Ashleigh, Debra, Holly, Kristin, Lou and Chris… “Thank you for all you do. We wouldn’t be here without you.”

#2. Our current clients. Not only is our work together helping us to have one of our best years ever, but these clients are some of the best we’ve ever had… enjoyable to work with and appreciative of all we do for them. They make us want to work even harder.

#3. Our former clients. Not all clients will become clients for life… but early in our growth, these firms were the foundation of our business and helped us get to where we are now. And importantly, while they aren’t current clients any longer, many are still current friends.

#4. I’m thankful for my support team… those people and organizations outside of Harpeth Marketing, that – while they don’t interact directly with clients – nonetheless play a vital role in our success. That would include our bookkeeper, accountant, webmaster, banker, attorney and so on. Thank you all.

#5. I’m thankful for organizations like Greenbook, the Insights Association and Quirk’s. Without these groups helping to drive our industry forward and bringing us together at conferences to share ideas and learn from one another… we wouldn’t be the unique and dynamic industry that we are today.

#6. I’m thankful for the readers of my blog. Yes, that would be YOU! Your interest in this blog (as well as our eBooks, Tip Sheets & webinars) is proof that there is value in the content we provide… and the fuel for us to keep developing more of it. By the way, this is blog post #416!

#7. My accountabil-i-buddy! Brian is a lifelong friend who lives outside of Baltimore (where we grew up) and for several years now, has been my accountability partner. Every Saturday morning, I send him a weekly recap of what’s going on at Harpeth Marketing… and he responds with comments, questions and ideas. He holds me accountable to continually do better and grow our firm. I am thankful for his years of support and – more important – his friendship.

#8. The local coffeeshop, The Good Cup. (For those of you who know me, you know I’m not joking!) The Good Cup is my office away from the office. It’s where I go every Saturday morning for a couple of hours to work ‘on’ my business. And it’s my mid-week oasis when I need a quiet spot to work and a really good cup of coffee.

#9. Most importantly, I’m thankful for my wife, who, when I made the decision to start Harpeth Marketing in early 2012, supported the idea completely. And she has supported me ever since… through good times and not-so-good, through all of the travelling I do (though, honesty, I think she kinda likes the quiet when I’m gone!) and through all the missed dinners and late nights. Thank you, Lisa… I love you.

How about you?

What are you thankful for? Regardless of how 2019 is going for you… take a few minutes to think about and be thankful for the people and organizations that have had an impact on you and your business this year. Then, pick up the phone and tell them.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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