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March 5, 2013

How Advertising can Support your Marketing & Sales for a Competitive Advantage, Part 2

This is thChick-fil-A-Cowe second in a 3-part series on a few current consumer advertising campaigns that really got it right with their advertising – all of which were an excellent execution of a strong marketing strategy. [Yes, they’re B2C, but they illustrate very important marketing lessons.]

Last week, we talked about Hardee’s & Carl Jr’s.  This week, I’d like to focus on Chik-Fil-A (, the fast-food restaurant chain serving [great!] chicken sandwiches, etc.

I have no doubt that you’ve seen their TV commercials like:

Here’s what’s powerful about their advertising… it is consistent and persistent.

It’s consistent in that you know immediately who is sponsoring the ad.  Regardless of the storyline of the ad (and there have been scores of them) – they use the cows, the ‘moo’ sound, the same ‘cow font’ and the same message, “Eat Mor Chikin.’  They are always of the highest production values and always entertaining.  In addition, they are perfectly mimicked by their highway billboard and print ads.  It’s all really well done.

Persistence is where many firms fall down in the marketing efforts.  I don’t know what their ad schedule looks like, but I see the commercials all the time… and have for years.  Chik-Fil-A understands that once you get to that top-of-mind position inside the heads of your customers, you have to stay there – and that means continuing your marketing efforts.  Stop for any length of time… and your competitors might slip in ahead of you.

Please understand that I’m not suggesting you embark on a massive advertising program… but that whatever marketing tactics you employ (ads, social media, content marketing, email, etc.) that you adopt the same kind of strategy that Chik-Fil-A employs.

The lesson:  Being persistent and consistent is the most effective way to reinforce your brand in the minds of your clients and prospects… and every reinforcement moves you closer to being top-of-mind with them.  Follow Chik-Fil-A’s model and you’ll create a competitive advantage that will be heard to top.

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