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November 26, 2013

It’s OK to say ‘no’ to a sales rep.

no-thank-you-moWe’ve all been there… we submit a bid or proposal for a project and don’t hear back for a few days.  So we check in, only to be told they’ve been wrapped up with another project and haven’t had a chance to look at it yet – but will get back to us in a few days.  Good news.  A few more days pass and we check in again… and this time he hear, “It looks good… but no final decision yet.”  Ahhh… hope!

So we wait a few more days and drop an email looking for a “status check.”  No response.  Hmmm…  So we wait a week or so and try again…

And on and on it goes… eternally optimistic that something good might happen.  The prospective client leading us on… giving us an ever-smaller glimmer of hope that we hang on to until the last possible moment.

C’mon Mr. Buyer… you’re the one that asked for the proposal… we gave it to you on time… now all we want is an answer.

And you know what?  ‘No’ is an OK answer.

At least then I’ll know.  At least then I can stop wasting my time (and yours) with all of these follow-up calls and emails.  Don’t worry… I’m a big boy – I won’t take it personally.  It’s just business… so stop “giving me the business” and just shoot straight with me.

And if you want to tell me why I didn’t win the project, that would be helpful… so maybe the next time I can submit a proposal that will be accepted.

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