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January 4, 2022

Top 10 Sales & Marketing Blog Posts of 2021

Since founding Harpeth Marketing in 2012, we’ve published over 450 blog posts on all kinds of sales & marketing topics in our blog, The Competitive Advantage. In fact, this is officially post #491!

And at this time every year, we look at back at the most-read posts from the previous year. But we’re doing it with a little ‘twist’ this year. Instead of the usual ‘top 10’ list… we’ve got two ‘top 5’ lists:

  • The first list contains the most-read articles that were published in 2021.
  • The second list contains the most-read articles in 2021, regardless of when we first published them (the year they were published is shown).

As you read through these posts, we hope you find some sales & marketing nuggets that will help you grow your business heading into the new year.

We’ll start with the top 5 blog posts published in 2021:

#5) How Differentiation Can Help You Win the Competitive Battle

#4) Why Former Clients Are So Important

#3) Why don’t research firms conduct research on themselves?

#2) The #1 Reason Why You Lose Clients? Arrogance!

And the #1 most popular sales & marketing post published in 2021: The 3 Keys to Your Personal Brand

Now, here are the sales & marketing blog posts that were the most popular in 2021, regardless of when they were written:

#5) The Hardest Thing To Do When Selling (2020)

#4) 8 Ways to Leverage Existing Relationships to Grow Revenue (2018)

#3) How to Sell to Market Research Buyers, Part 1 (2018)

#2) Why the Seller-Doer Model is So Challenging (2019)

And the #1 most-read article last year… Are you setting your goals the right way? Think “actionable goals.” (2015)

One final comment… THANK YOU! Your continued interest in and readership of our blog posts, eBooks and Tip Sheets – and attendance at our Webinars – drives us to keep creating new content. We hope you’ll return to our website again and again to take advantage of these resources.

Happy New Year!

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