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March 14, 2017

“Why should I care?”… the question your website visitors are asking!

Why-should-i-careYour clients don’t care about what you can do… they care about what you can do for them.

We’re working with a new client who has developed a unique market research methodology. It’s really very interesting and kind of heady stuff – with a lot of science behind it. And that’s exactly how it’s described on their website. Which is fine.

In fact, that’s how most firms describe their products and services on their websites in our industry: “here’s what we do”… “and it’s really neat”… “and we’re really great at it!”

Meanwhile, your website visitors – a.k.a. potential clients – are reading that copy and asking themselves, “So what?! Why should I care?”

And they’re absolutely right… why should they care? You haven’t given them a reason to.

Telling prospective clients what you do is only half the equation. What’s missing – more often than not – is why your prospects should care about what you do… how they benefit by using your products & services… how/when/where your services should be used… how you can help them solve their problems.

So, go back to your website and re-read how you’ve been presenting your firm to the marketplace and look at your copy through the lens of “Why should I care?”

  • “We’re a full-service shop with more than 100 people on staff.” Why should I care?
  • “We’re experts in all things qualitative.” Why should I care?
  • “We specialize in research in the Hispanic marketplace.” Why should I care?
  • “Our focus is the fuzzy, front-end of innovation.” Why should I care?

When you start updating the what’s on your website by adding the why’s… you go a long way toward helping prospects with their buying decisions.

Good luck.

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