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June 12, 2013

7 neat, little marketing resources… and they’re all free

Small companies – like Harpeth Marketing – with limited resources, need to watch every penny.  Because of that, one of the things I’ve done is to hunt for free online resources that can help me to do my job better – whether that’s running my business or taking care of clients

We all know about the big, well-known, free tools – like Google, WordPress, YouTube, SurveyMonkey and the social media sites. But there exists a lot of lesser-known online tools that might do only one thing… but they’re easy to use and can support your marketing efforts.

The following are some online tools/resources I’ve found that I use on a regular basis and really like.  I thought you might, too (note: because these tools are free, in some cases, you’ll have to deal with advertisements): – Tiny URL allows you to create shortened URLs from large ones, making them easier to imbed in other documents.  Also includes tools for tracking. – Interested in how effective your keywords are?  Just plug them in here and see where you rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo. – Need to convert a proposal to PDF?  This one is easy and fast.  I also use to convert interesting web pages to PDF for filing or printing. – a marketing automation software company that provides some really excellent marketing resources (eBooks, etc.)… all free. – one of a number of press release distribution sites… assuming you still use press releases (which you should)! – a website metrics company, it won’t replace Google Analytics anytime soon, but I like that it ranks a website worldwide, based on visitors; it also keeps an eye on links to your site (they call it ‘Reputation’) and top keywords that lead visitors to your site.

How about you?  Do you have any cool little tools that you use for increased productivity?  Share them below with our readers.

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