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July 25, 2019

Help! I’ve got a horrible case of writer’s block!

A few weeks ago, I published a post proudly proclaiming my 400th blog post at Harpeth Marketing… not bad, huh? But now, just a few days later… nuthin’! I’ve had writer’s block before, and it usually lasts a day or two… then I get inspired by something I see or read, and I’m back on track.

But I am in a serious funk right now.

In the past, my content usually vacillated between marketing & sales tactical issues, management issues and strategy. Some of the topics were straight forward (e.g. how to get the most from LinkedIn) and some were inspired by something that happened in my life (e.g. an interesting experience at a restaurant) that triggered an idea. But right now… this case of writer’s block has me paralyzed.

So, rather than continue to beat my head against the wall (not literally, though I’m thinking about it), I thought I’d reach out to you – the audience I write for in the first place – and ask for your thoughts and ideas to inspire me.

To that end, here’s a link to a 2-question survey: It will take you about 1 minute to complete.

Question #1 includes a checklist with a bunch of marketing & sales topics – just pick the ones that most interest you or that you’d like to learn more about. I’ll tally them up and we’ll have the winners.

But please don’t stop there… if you have other ideas, thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, etc. – especially those “out of left field” – I’d love to hear them. That’s question #2.

So, thanks, in advance, for any help you can provide to get me through this miserable writer’s block!

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