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February 13, 2014

Google Consumer Surveys Ramps Up Product and Marketing… Are You Ready?

google-consumer-surveys-351x350I haven’t heard much from or about Google Consumer Surveys in the past couple of months, then all of the sudden, I received an email from them last week.  It looks like they’re expanding the capabilities of their service… with longer surveys and mobile respondents (by the way, no change in pricing).  A tough competitor just got tougher.

But in addition to the product enhancements, I was also intrigued by the email itself for two reasons…

  1. That I actually got one.  My guess is that it’s going out to all of their Gmail subscribers.
  2. That they’re offering a $75 discount on your first survey.  They want to make it as easy as possible to give them a try.

This is a very similar scenario to owning a Focus Group facility and watching the encroachment of bulletin board and webcam interviewing platforms.  The difference is, none of those platform providers have the power (read: deep pockets) of a company like Google behind them.

So, here’s the question… “Are you ready?”

Have you set aside time to think and plan on…

  • What this means to your business?
  • How you will compete?
  • How you will differentiate your firm from them?
  • How you might need to change your business model?

Difficult questions to be sure… but it’s an exercise you MUST go through if quant research and panels are a part of your business.  For better or worse… Google is not going away anytime soon.

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