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July 6, 2021

Improve Your Sales Presentation… Get Rid of ‘About Us’

Take a look at your current sales presentation deck. If you’re like the [vast] majority of firms, it starts with slides labeled ‘About Us’ or something similar. And generally, not just one or two slides, but a bunch of them.

Here’s my advice… delete them all!

When you stand in front of the room – or the zoom – to deliver a sales presentation, never start with ‘About Us.’ Why not? Because no one in the room cares! They already know what you do. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t have been invited to present.

It’s been reported that 70-80% of a B2B buying decision is made before you ever get the chance to chat with the buyer. So, what are those potential buyers doing during that 70-80%? They’re reading through your website, downloading your white papers and case studies, reading your blog, subscribing to your enewsletter and reviewing your LinkedIn profile. Like I said, they already know what you do. [And by the way, they’re doing that same thing with some of your competitors.]

So, if you show up for a sales presentation and tell them something they already know, you’re wasting their time and yours.

Stop Selling… Start Helping

Here’s a question for you… When you’re invited to deliver a sales presentation, do you understand why you’re really there? Hint: it’s not to share a laundry list of your capabilities.

You are there for one reason and one reason only… to help the buyer solve their problem! That’s it! And during your presentation, you need to show them that you understand the problem that they’re dealing with, that you have a solution for it, and that you’ve done the same thing for others. That’s all your presentation needs to cover. Period.

And here’s the thing… in describing how you can help them solve their problem, you get to highlight your capabilities, but – and here’s the best part – only the ones that really matter to them.

Bottom line

Being given the opportunity to stand in front of a room – or a zoom – to deliver a sales presentation to a group of potential buyers is an amazing opportunity. Done right, you can engage them with important and relevant information and show them exactly why your firm is the only choice they should consider. But remember, buyers don’t care about what you can do, they only care about what you can do for them. So, use the presentation to share with them what that is!

Final note: If you really feel like you need to do an ‘About Us’ review, condense it down to one slide and put it at the end of the presentation. If you’re lucky, you’ll never get to it!

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