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August 7, 2018

Not blogging yet? Here are 10 reasons why you should!

I was having a conversation about marketing last week with the owner of a small firm… and we covered a broad range of topics. When we got to ‘blogging,’ he asked, “Why should I blog?” When I saw that he wasn’t kidding, it dawned on me that there may be many small business owners in the same boat – questioning the value of a consistent writing program like blogging.

So, for you, Mike – and small business owners everywhere – here are the top 10 reasons why blogging MUST be a part of your marketing mix:

  1. To showcase your Subject Matter Expertise. Write frequently about a particular topic… and before you know it, you’ll be recognized as an expert on that topic.
  2. To showcase your Thought Leadership. When you use blogging to share your vision, opinions and ideas (not just information)… you elevate your status from Subject Matter Expert to Thought Leader.
  3. To support your SEO efforts. Fresh, relevant content (like blogging provides) – that includes the appropriate use of your targeted keywords – can be very effective in improving your search engine ranking.
  4. Return visitors. Getting visitors (a.k.a. potential clients) to come to your website the first time is hard enough. Getting them to come back is even harder. So, give them a reason to keep returning to your site with new posts to read on a regular basis.
  5. It gives you something to post on social media. Rather than a sales pitch about your services (that no one wants to see), curating someone else’s content or no social posts at all, now, from LinkedIn and Twitter, you can link followers to your own, high-value content.
  6. To get your staff involved. Blogging doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor… get your team involved to brainstorm topic ideas, write and edit the blog posts and then ‘socialize’ them once they’re published.
  7. To help sell, albeit subtly. Never, ever use the body of a blog post to sell – it will ruin your credibility. But, at the very end of a well-written post, you can certainly add a call-to-action that links the reader to your services that are related to the post.
  8. Flexibility. One of the best things about blogging is that you can write about anything… technical issues, business issues, industry trends, observations, opinions, interviews, survey results, and so on. This flexibility gives you tremendous freedom when it comes time to put pen to paper.
  9. Repurposing. That is, “write once, use multiple times.” Once you’ve written a number of blog posts, you might be able to combine some of them to form the foundation of an eBook, webinar or some other ‘bigger’ piece of content. You can also re-publish your blog post as an ‘article’ on your LinkedIn profile.
  10. Simplicity. Most website content management systems (like WordPress) come with a ‘blog’ page structure built in. There are no landing pages to worry about. No money or time spent with graphic designers. Once you’ve written your post – just upload it, hit ‘publish’ and you’re done.

If content marketing is not an important part of our marketing arsenal, it’s not too late to start. And for all the reasons listed above, blogging is – without a doubt – the best place to begin.

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