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February 11, 2020

Sell Like a Doctor… it’s Really the Only Way

Unfortunately, I’ve spent a lot if time over the past few weeks with doctors. And in the end, it looks like surgery will be the solution to my problem. In fact, it’s the only solution.

I don’t think of doctors as ‘salespeople,’ but they are. They could not thrive on just office visits, so ‘selling’ surgical services is an important part of their business model.

But here’s the thing… my doctor didn’t really ‘sell’ me on surgery. I made the decision to ‘buy’ it. Because it is the best solution to my problem.

And that’s the way ALL selling should be.

Think about it…

  1. The first thing the doctor wanted to do was to understand my problem. So, he asked questions… he did some simple in-office tests… and then he took a few x-rays.
  2. The x-rays suggested certain issues, so he probed further. He did this by recommending an MRI… which I, of course, agreed to.
  3. The MRI showed, in great detail, what the problem really was. As we viewed the MRI images together, he explained to me what was causing the problem… how he would fix it… and what would happen in the future if I didn’t take action soon.
  4. The result? My surgery is scheduled for early May.

I tell you that [true] story to share this lesson… that what my doctor did is exactly how you should be selling your MR services.

First, uncover the problem. Buyers don’t care about what you can do… they care about what you can do FOR THEM. And what you can do for them is to solve their problem. And the only way to understand the problem is to ask questions.

While you don’t have an x-ray machine to help find the problem, you do have intellect and critical thinking. Probe, probe and probe some more. Then keep drilling down to truly find out what’s really going on. And if it takes more than one call or visit, so be it. Better to get it right than to get it fast.

And remember, buyers don’t have research problems… they have business problems that they need research to help solve. So, focus on their business problems.

And just like visiting the doctor, as you ask questions and probe and share information, together, you will move toward the right solution.

Then as you talk about the solution and how it will solve their business problem – and how inaction will cause even bigger issues down the road – they will come to the one and only logical solution. That your firm and your services are the only solution to their problem.

Sounds simple, right? Yeah… but it ain’t easy!

Good luck and good selling!

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