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December 29, 2020

The Top 10 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2020

blogAccording to Google Analytics, there were more than 10,000 Page Views of our blog this past year. And as I do every year at this time… I wanted to do a count-down of the most-reads topics. But I did the measurement a little differently this year.

Instead of looking at the most popular posts that were written in 2020, I looked at which posts were the most viewed in 2020, regardless of when they were written. Interestingly, these “hot topics” spanned the entire life of our company… from as early as 2012 (the year we were founded) up to several from this year.

We hope you enjoy them…

#10. May 27, 2018: Think. Plan. Do. A Smarter Way to Grow Your Firm

#9. March 18, 2020: Stuck-at-home marketing & sales, part 1

#8. July 26, 2016: Creating a sales training agenda? Don’t miss these critical topics.

#7. August 14, 2012: A Checklist for Conducting your own Sales Audit

#6. April 21, 2020: Stop hard selling during the pandemic… use these 9 ‘soft touches’ instead.

#5. August 4, 2020: Why Full-time Sales Reps Fail in Our Industry

#4. June 5, 2018: Avoid these 8 Rookie Mistakes with your Next Capabilities Presentation

#3. March 4, 2019: 8 Ways to Leverage Existing Relationships to Grow Revenue

#2. April 16, 2019: Why the Seller-Doer Model is So Challenging

And the most-read article on The Competitive Advantage blog this year was…

#1. November 18, 2015: Are you setting your goals the right way? Think “actionable goals.”


I noticed something while I was doing this

While doing this exercise, I started wondering… why do some of these sales & marketing topics have such a long shelf life? Then I looked at the specific topics: goal setting, the seller-doer model, planning, existing client relationships, capabilities presentations, training and so on. They’re not about the latest technology or the trendiest new sales & marketing theory… they all deal with the core fundamentals of revenue growth. The key building block of success. And that kind of content never gets old.

On behalf of all of us at Harpeth Marketing, thank you for your on-going readership of our content over the past 8+ years. We’ll continue to do our best to keeping earning that loyalty.

Happy New Year!


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