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January 20, 2015

Top articles and blog posts of 2014

We spend a lot of time writing articles, blog posts and other content for our industry – at least one article every month and one blog post every week – and we have since the day we opened our doors. So, out of curiosity, we looked back to see the top articles and blog posts of 2014.

We looked at the articles on our website, posts on our blog and posts to the publisher section of my LinkedIn profile… and listed the Top 3 most popular pieces from each one:


Top 3 Articles

#1: Use the 8 Ps of Marketing when Setting Strategy

#2: The 12 Guiding Principles of Marketing (part 1)

#3: Prove it! Nine ways to convince prospects to work with you for the first time.


Top 3 Blog posts

#1: How do you respond to, “That’s just too expensive!”

#2: Ever mess up a client’s project? How’d you handle it?

#3: The Customer Experience: Make it Easy to do Business with your Firm


Top 3 LinkedIn posts

#1: Is the customer always right? Uhhh… pretty much!

#2: Not getting the email results you want? Make sure you’re following these 7 email marketing guidelines.

#3: Stop cold calling… follow-up on warm sales leads instead.


Our sincerest thanks to everyone who has read and downloaded our content this past year… if it’s helping you to do your job better, then we have accomplished our goal.

And we are always open to exploring new topics and ideas in our content. If you’d like us to consider an idea of yours, please send it to me at


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